Zeguo Town LED lighting gradually replaces sodium lamps

According to reports, a few days ago, 134 sets of street lighting lighting projects on Donghe South Road completed the bidding, which became the third section of Zeguo Town to use LED street lighting. Previously, Guanlu Industrial Zone and Donghe Middle Road successively adopted LED street lighting. After several months of operation, they achieved good results in energy saving. Therefore, the town plans to gradually replace the original sodium lamp with LED street lights in the future. According to the statistics after actual use, a 250-watt sodium lamp uses a power consumption of 2.5 degrees for 10 hours, and a 100-watt LED street lamp with a brightness of only 1 degree of electricity is required for 10 hours. According to the annual street lamp electricity cost of 1.6 million yuan in Zeguo Town, if all road sections are LED street lights in the future, this expenditure can be reduced by nearly one million yuan. In addition, the life of a LED street lamp is about 5 years, and the life of a sodium lamp is 3000 hours to 5000 hours, which is equivalent to 1 year to 2 years. The replacement of LED street lights can save an expense. Of course, the premise is that the price of LED street lamps on the market is similar to that of sodium lamps. It has dropped from five or six thousand yuan a few years ago to one or two thousand yuan. The advantages of LED street lights are many, but it is not realistic to replace all the road sections with LED street lights, because such street lamps have poor penetration. The town and town office staff of the town introduced that some street lights with large shades could not use LED street lights. For example, the streets in the old town are not too wide, the treetops are relatively large, and the lighting effect will be very poor. However, the main roads like Zeguo Avenue, etc., will be considered to use LED street lights after the sodium lamps currently in use are scrapped. It is expected to save hundreds of thousands of yuan in electricity bills every year.

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