Two gas calibration cover devices of Anhui Institute of Metrology won patent authorization

[ Instrument R & D of instrument network ] With the development of petroleum and chemical industries, the types and quantities of flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gases involved in industrial production have increased significantly. Once flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gas leaks during production, transportation and use, it will cause poisoning, fire or even explosion.
In order to detect the content of flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gases in the air in time and accurately, and promptly warn of gas leakage to ensure production and personal safety, the production site is equipped with corresponding gas detection alarm. It is precisely because of this special function of the gas alarm, once the equipment has problems affecting its normal performance, it is easy to pose a considerable degree of threat to the safety of people's lives and property.
In May 2020, the Anhui Institute of Metrology won two national utility model patent authorizations: "a universal gas calibration hood device" and "an adjustable gas calibration hood device".
These two patents effectively solve the problem of high-altitude operation calibration of technical personnel in daily gas detection, greatly improve the work efficiency of the gas detection project of the Anhui Institute of Metrology, effectively simplify the complex procedures of high-altitude calibration, and reduce the risk of high-altitude operation.
The detection of the dangerous gas alarm is an important guarantee for the production safety of enterprises in Anhui Province. These two national utility model patents exemplify the spirit of Anhui Metrology Institute's technicians who are good at thinking and brave in their daily work, as well as the spirit of the measurement staff's dedication and hard work.

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