The first seamless line long track strip laying unit South Car came out

On June 8, the CPG500 seamless line long track strip laying unit jointly developed by China South Locomotive Group Zhuzhou Vehicle Factory, China Railway Fourth Bureau and Central South University passed the factory acceptance review of the Ministry of Railways Science and Technology Department. The design of the unit draws on the successful experience and advanced technology of foreign high-speed railway track laying machines. It is the first self-developed high-speed railway seamless line long track strip laying unit in China, laying the long rails for Chinese railway seamless lines. Localization has created a precedent for history.

Smooth track is the basis for high-speed train operation. According to the successful experience of foreign high-speed railway construction and operation and the design requirements of China's passenger dedicated line, the passenger dedicated line must have high smoothness, high stability and high security. The train is designed to run at the design speed. Therefore, the design standards of the track structure, the technical level of the track construction and the equipment are all very different from the ordinary lines. One of the most important measures is to lay a seamless line at a time so that the track can meet the requirements of high smoothness. Seamless lines have become the main track structure of railways in the world today. The construction of high-speed railways, busy trunk lines and even general trunk railways abroad has generally adopted a construction technique of laying seamless lines.

The CPG500 seamless line long track strip laying unit adopts a single pillow continuous operation method, which is an integrated machine for rail laying and sleeper laying. The track laying unit can be laid with a maximum length of 500m. It can be adapted to the layout of Type II and Type III pillows. It can be laid with 碴 and 碴 track, and the temperature range is -20°C~+50°C. The unit has a climbing capacity of 12‰ and a towing weight of 2,500t. The maximum speed of the work vehicle and auxiliary power vehicle is 120km/h. The track laying unit has China's independent intellectual property rights.

Through the user's use certificate, CPG500 seamless line long rail strip laying unit has the characteristics of reasonable design, scientific operation mode, high automation, low labor intensity, high working efficiency, good laying quality, simple construction operation, safety and reliability. .

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