TaylorMade A Series Eddy Current Retarder Has High Use Value

The problems caused by the heavy truck brakes have seriously affected the safety of the vehicle. To solve this problem, installing the retarder on the heavy truck is a very effective brake means. The retarder can effectively shorten the braking distance and braking time to ensure safer driving of the vehicle. The installation of brake retarders on trucks abroad has become a rigid requirement, and in China, the installation of retarders on trucks is still in its infancy. At present, the phenomenon of overloading and over-limitation of domestic trucks is widespread, and the safety problems caused by braking are even more prominent. It is even more important in China to install retarders to reduce travel risks.

The eddy current retarder is classified according to the different installation positions, different mechanical structure parts, and use purposes, and can be roughly classified into three types, that is, mounted on a transmission, a rear axle, and a transmission shaft.

The A series is an eddy current retarder firstly introduced by Tellabs . Its braking torque ranges from 350Nm to 3300Nm. It is suitable for all types of chassis. It can be installed between the gearbox and drive axle regardless of vehicle size. On the drive shaft.

Because the rotor and stator of this series retarder are connected in series with a single spline shaft, the air gap at the factory has been debugged, the whole crane can be installed at the time of loading, the installation is convenient and the structure is compact, and the rear axle and the gearbox are basically No impact, suitable for installation of a variety of trucks and buses, both standard and easy to install, the use of good results.

Tellomar retarder has a hundred years of technical accumulation and can take up 85% of the braking energy when the vehicle is running; it can effectively shorten the braking distance and braking time; so that the brake will not decline, fail, and be more reliable; avoid the high temperature caused by the hub. Accidental puncture can relieve the brakes. The installation of Tellomar retarder improves tire service life by 35%; can extend the service life of brake pads by 3-7 times; greatly reduces overall operating costs of vehicles and improves the safety of vehicles; is the world's highest recognized cost-effectiveness and the lowest comprehensive cost of use. Retarder. In the past two years, the customer has responded very well to the installation of Tellomar's vehicle brakes, and the life of the main brake system has been greatly increased. This has solved vehicle safety problems, and its safety, economy and comfort have been greatly improved. , thereby further improving the operational efficiency of the vehicle.

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