Principle of community access control function

The intelligent management system is an intelligent system developed using non-contact intelligent technology. Compared with other systems, its advantages are:

Smart IC card: It is called radio frequency card, which successfully solves the problems of multi-purpose IC card, secrecy, no wear and easy operation, etc., which greatly improves the practicality of the system. Convenient expansion: The computer and the intelligent sidewalk gate adopt RS485 bus communication, so the expansion is convenient. That is, after the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of intelligent sidewalk gates needs to be increased, the hardware only needs to add the corresponding intelligent sidewalk gates, and the software can set the new equipment. Offline operation: The intelligent sidewalk gate can not only be connected to the computer for network operation, but also work offline. The intelligent sidewalk gate automatically judges whether the IC card is valid according to the parameters downloaded by the system, decides whether to open the gate, and stores the gate opening record in the memory. The smart card reader can be used at will. The optical principle is used to control the rotation of the rotating shaft. There is no requirement for the delay of the received signal. It will be reset immediately after the rotation; the power-off drop / manual drop is optional. The control host has an RS485 communication interface, which can be expanded to directly control the work of the sidewalk gate through software, which is convenient for centralized management and control of large-scale channel systems.

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