Is it necessary to coat the leather seat?

Buying a car now only needs to buy a leather seat above the mid-range car, and some cheaper family cars will also sell a good price because the interior has leather seats. The leather seat is also a standard for the car. However, leather seats are not very easy to maintain. So now there is a technology that does not require maintenance, direct coating can be. Everyone knows that after car coating, it will protect the paint from UV and anti-aging. What is the use of leather seat coating? Is it necessary to apply a leather seat? Xiaobian to show you.


Beimai Auto Parts Xiaobian tells everyone about the principle:

The leather skin is the skin of an animal. Everyone knows it, but is the production process clear? In general, the leather is removed during the production process, or it will rot, but the thing that can make the leather shine is fat. This will be lost with time and use, and then we can see our usual leather. What happens to the crack, which causes the dermal fiber to break, what we see is the crack of the leather. The coating is just to prevent the loss of these greases, and the coating is a complementary process. In principle, it is good to prevent aging.



1. Can completely isolate the following daily pollution: such as dust, shoe polish, beverage, perspiration, food, wax stains

2. Can effectively prevent the following stains from leaving strong marks: lipstick, paint, ball writing, oil, color, tar

3. Can dry the skin: hot marks, wrinkles, ultraviolet radiation, fading, abrasions

4. It can enhance the characteristics of the dermis: double the life of the dermis, nourish the dermis, prevent aging and oxidation, enhance the texture of the dermis, and be full and smooth, prevent bacteria and mold, and effectively lock the nutrients inside the leather. Effectively prevent oily stains such as lipstick, pigment, oil, oil stains, and ballpoints from leaving strong marks. Prevent the leather from drying, hardening, aging, film formation, colorless, transparent, flexible, and does not affect the leather hand.


Now there are a lot of coatings on the market. It’s true or false. In fact, we all judge hairdressing, because after all, we don’t understand these technologies, so there is a problem when we choose. If the choice is not good, the coating is fake, then it is possible. Damage to the seat, not all products are called leather coating. There are a lot of shoddy shoddy for the profit, and the simple leather glazing is also called the leather coating. This kind of product can't protect our leather. Unprofessional products will block the pores of the leather. Not only can it not achieve the purpose of maintenance, but it will accelerate the aging of the leather. The most common one is the "glazing" or "coating" section of the leather. After the time, the skin is hard, the skin is rough, and the hair is bun. Therefore, when choosing, you must look at the strength of that store. If the scale is small and the strength is not good, you must not do it there. Don't be deceived for being cheap.


[Expanded] leather seat cover brand introduction

First, Philippine Dudu: Changan, Ford, Toyota and other small and medium-sized vehicles. It can be said that the quality impact of the brand's influence is launched!

Second, Chi Qin: The supply of car brands include Langxing, Aiweiou, Jingcheng, Volkswagen POLO Langyi, Mai Ruibao, Sagitar, Passat, Golf 7, Chuangku and other famous vehicles.

Third, the emperor: the car brands used are Volvo, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Masalati and other high-end brands.

Fourth, Yi Furong: The car brand used has 7 or 5 models of new Fox, Jingcheng, Corolla, logo and other vehicles.

V. Instant Road: The brands used are Pentium, Citroen, Tucson, Hyundai, Mazda, Haima, and Dongfeng Peugeot.


If the leather seat needs to be coated, it will be finished for everyone. If you have a leather seat that you usually feel uncomfortable, you can choose this method. After the coating, in addition to the daily cleaning, there is no need to do other maintenance. So it is still very worry-free. For this kind of practice, it is also a benevolent person who sees wisdom and wisdom. Some people feel that there is no need to buy leather seats, let alone coating. Xiaobian is finished for everyone, I hope to be useful to everyone.

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