Dq2 Port Light (DY320202)

Model NO.: DY320202
HS Code: 2503000000
DQ2 Port light
The scope of application:
Used for the conventional powered submarine, nuclear-powered submarine to prevent collision as the lighting signal, formation sailing signal, anchor signal, applied to dive under the water 400m.
Production characteristic:
1. The shell, shell ring and cover all founded by silicon brass, have big COM-pressive strength, can
Withstand the immersion corrosion ability of the seawater, good radiation performance.
2. The material of seal is neoprene, have the function of oil-resistant, pressure-resistant, mildewproof and antiseptic-resistant, can prolong using life-span mildew resistant, good insulating performance, shock resistant, good structural strength and so on.
3. Diving navigation light can endure 6Mpa pressure, can dive under the water 400m
CB518-2005 Diving navigation light


NametypeVisibilityLevel arcLamp holderBulbCable outside DiameterColorweight
Port lightDQ23n. M112.5° B22b220V/120W
Φ 20Red14.6kg

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