China's agriculture has gradually formed an international pattern of buying the world and selling the world.

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] Thai rice, Vietnamese durian, Australian fresh meat ... Today, the Chinese market is full of imported agricultural products. At the same time, the table of foreigners is also filled with special agricultural products from China. Not only that, but China's agriculture also uses "two markets" and "two kinds of resources", through the introduction of capital and technology, exporting investment and technology, in the aspects of agricultural products trade, foreign investment cooperation, etc., gradually formed a global sale to sell globally. International pattern.
China's agriculture has gradually formed an international pattern of buying the world and selling the world.

1 Actively carry out international capacity cooperation
Dutch cherry tomatoes, Japanese crystal pears, Australian Boer goats, Italian Piedmont beef... More and more foreign animal and plant excellent germplasm resources are continuously introduced from abroad, enriching people's lives and improving The comprehensive production capacity of Chinese agriculture.
The pace of introducing foreign agricultural technology has been very early. In 1998, the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences began to introduce and develop the "bird flu prevention and control technology", and almost introduced all 135 strains known internationally. The successful development of the vaccine has played a decisive role in the prevention and control of the spread of bird flu in China and is still benefiting China and neighboring countries. Due to the introduction of technology in advance, the technical reserve is sufficient, and the prevention and control of other major animal diseases have been smoothly carried out.
Gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance. While "grafting" foreign advanced agricultural technology, China does not forget to help other countries.
In the Kara region of Togo, Africa, the Chinese agricultural expert group is stationed all the year round, and corn expert Li Huaan is one of them. In order to prevent the corn plant from lodging, when the plant grows to about 1 meter, Li Huaan guides the farmer in the field to cultivate the soil at the root of the corn. “Let farmers understand the simple technical operation to save the fruits of labor.” Li Huaan said. The cultivated corn plants did not fall down during the storm, and the local farmers convincedly gave a thumbs up.
How to plant, how to cultivate, how to prevent pests and diseases, Chinese agricultural experts teach field technology. Farmer Sai is full of enthusiasm. "With the use of Chinese planting technology, the output has increased a lot. I plan to expand the planting area this year."
Zhu Zidong, director of the Institute of Foreign Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture, said in an interview with this newspaper: "Since the end of the 1950s, China has been providing various kinds of assistance to developing countries in the agricultural sector. From the Somalia Finnish Water Conservancy Project, Tanzania Infrastructure projects such as Balaley Farm and Rufu Farm, technical assistance projects with capacity building as the core of aiding non-agricultural technology demonstration centers, “South-South cooperation” under the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and Ethiopian agricultural vocational education. The development assistance concept of 'granting people to fishery' has contributed to providing agricultural production capacity and food security levels to developing countries such as Africa."
With the continuous construction of the “Belt and Road”, China has signed cooperation agreements with more than 30 countries along the route to build a “One Belt, One Road” cooperation agreement with more than 20 countries. Zhu Zidong said in an interview with this newspaper: Most of the countries along the “Belt and Road” are developing countries, with good agricultural resources and great development potential. China and its countries have advantages in terms of agricultural resources, technology, production capacity and market. , with strong complementarity. The Agricultural International Cooperation Association has become one of the best joint points for China to build a community of interests and a community of destiny with countries along the route, and is an important support for the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”. ”
2 layout global optimization open pattern
Recently, COFCO announced that its COFCO International Co., Ltd. will acquire the remaining 49% of the Dutch agricultural products and commodities trading group Nidera. Upon completion of the transaction, it will wholly own Nidela.
Zhu Zidong said, "Large multinational enterprises are the direct participants in the global agricultural resources competition, the direct control of the global agricultural industry chain, and the implementers of the national strategy. China encourages enterprises to adopt mergers and acquisitions, overseas mergers and acquisitions, greenfield investment, etc. Ways to extend the business layout to foreign countries."
“The acquisition will accelerate the globalization of COFCO.” Yu Xubo, President of COFCO Group, Chairman of COFCO International and Chairman of the Board of Nidela Agriculture, said that “COFCO aims to become a global, full-industrial chain of agricultural, grain and oil food enterprises. The acquisition is an important part of it."
“Buy the world, sell the world” promotes the rational distribution of global food resources. Through the acquisition and integration, COFCO has built a world food corridor that traverses the east and west hemispheres and links the food origin and consumer market, and sells the food of Brazil, Argentina and the Black Sea to Europe and Asia, and the Australian steak, Italian coffee beans and French The wine was delivered to the table in developing countries.
The layout of the entire industrial chain has opened up domestic and international in China. In 2015, Nidela corn seeds were tested in China and the field worked well. COFCO is actively introducing Nidela's germplasm resources, a sound R&D system and mature biotechnology application experience to the Chinese market to improve the structure of Chinese varieties.

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