Basic knowledge of underground mining safety

Underground mining is a complex production process. It is necessary to comprehensively apply scientific techniques such as geology, measurement, development, tunneling, blasting, transportation, upgrading, ventilation, drainage, power, safety and management, and select appropriate mining methods to ensure the safety of the production process. . Mining methods include mining, cutting, mining, and goaf processing.

1. coal mining method

Coal mining methods can be divided into two major systems: wall and column. The wall mining method is divided into a single longwall mining method and a stratified longwall mining method according to the thickness of the coal seam. The gently inclined and inclined coal seam adopts the working face of a single longwall coal mining method. The mining technology mainly includes three types: blast mining, general mining and fully mechanized mining. The stratified longwall mining method can be divided into two types: the longwall mining method and the inclined longwall coal mining method. Column mining methods are divided into room type and room type.

2. metals, non-metallic mineral mining method

According to the management method of ground pressure during mining, the mining methods of metal non-metallic ore are divided into three categories, namely, the open field mining method, the filling mining method and the caving mining method, the classification of each mining method and its applicable conditions.

3. Mining technology management

According to the production technology management link, the safety technology management of the mining face is mainly divided into three parts: before the start of the mining face, the construction organization design should be carried out, and the operation rules of the mining operation face should be formulated; the workers should be organized according to the regulations of the operation rules; When encountering unexpected problems in the execution of the operating procedures, it is necessary to seek improvement methods, modify the operating procedures in time or supplement relevant safety technical measures.

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